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Pieces Full Moon in Virgo Charged Intention Necklace Labradorite, Black Obsidian, and Rose Quartz

Pieces Full Moon in Virgo Charged Intention Necklace Labradorite, Black Obsidian, and Rose Quartz

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This Intention Necklace has been cleansed, hand crafted with the intention to give the wearer the energy they need, and charged under the Pieces in Virgo Full Moon. 

This Full Moon Is an energetically cleansing full moon. In dreamy, intuitive pieces opposing analytical, physical Virgo. This full moon is a opportunity to align with your trust and inner knowingness well paying attention to your synchronicity. It gives you the opportunity to stop holding your regret and sorrow. To clearly see what is holding you back in life and what you need to address to heal. Most importantly to make decisions and plans based on the person you want to be.


                                   Black Obsidian 

Psychic Protection/ Removes Negative Energy / Grounding  

Black obsidian is made from volcanic glass. This stone cleanses the mind, aurora, and its environment from negative energy through absorption. Helps one remove things that no longer serve them, keeping them gone by grounding and clearing communication to higher self. Aids in blood circulation. A great stone to help heal the body and soul. Chakra: Root 

                                          Rose Quartz

Love, Emotional Healing, Connecting to the Divine

Rose Quartz is found worldwide. This stone radiates it’s love energy to its surroundings. Helps welcome all types of love.Teaches self love, self acceptance and forgiveness.Rose Quartz is  a strong emotional healer of past wounds and trauma, making it a great stone for emotional healing.  Chakra: Heart

                                         Lapis Lazuli

Inner Vision, Royal Morality, Truthful Communication

Lapis Lazuli is one of the oldest opaque gemstones in history,beloved by many ancient civilizations.  The stone helps one speak their truth and be themselves with confidence. Enhances intellectual ability making one a better learner and teacher.  Facilitates enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It’s a great stone to unleash the inner queen and king energy that is in all of us. Chakra: Throat and Third Eye  


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