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Mystic Garden

Full Moon Sound Bath February 4th 5:30-7pm

Full Moon Sound Bath February 4th 5:30-7pm

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Tickets are available on a sliding scale energy exchange. Pay what you are able to.

Come on a meditative sound journey with us for February's Full Moon.

The Full Moon is energy is the perfect time to release, relax and reset. 

Where: Vibe Gym 

4045 N Pecos St Suite 160 Denver Co 80211

When: February 4th 5:30-7pm 

To ensure an intimate experience limited spots are available. It is recommended  to purchase tickets in advance the last 2 events sold out fast. 

What to bring: Anything you see fit to create a comfortable experience. Recommendations are open heart, yoga mat, blanket, pillow, water(Chairs are ok if needed)  

A sound bath is a meditative experience where you are submerged in a “bath” of sound waves created by ancient and modern sound healing instruments.

Top benefits 

  • Unblocks Blocked Emotions and emotional trauma  
  • Clears and balances the Chakras (The body's energy centers) 
  • Promotes Deep Meditation and relaxation 
  • Decreases Depression, anxiety, stress and PTSD symptoms
  • Relieves Physical Pain

Instruments: Handmade Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and other instruments depending on the session. Each sound bath is unique. Handmade Tibetan singing bowls are made of precious medals and have  been used for regeneration for centuries. 

Instructor: Amanda Rose and for larger events her team will assist. 


During this time bowls will be played to encourage a deep state of relaxation where a person’s own healing abilities may be activated. Please, note,that part of the session involves the placement of vibrating bowls near or on the body of which some give off very high or very low-pitched sounds. If you have reason to believe that these objects and the sounds they make may cause discomfort, pain, or injury, please, advise before the session begins.

Please wear comfortable clothing with no zippers or buttons, wear or bring warm socks, and remove jewelry. 


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