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Intention Necklace Made by Intuition

Intention Necklace Made by Intuition

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One Intention necklace picked and made for you by intuition. It the perfect way to welcome new energy into your life.

Each Necklace includes: 1 16" Chain, 1-3 crystal tumbles AAA Quality, Card and 4" Selenite wand or Piece of Palo Santo  to cleanse the Necklace.   

Stones to Choose From are 

Black Obsidian Psychic Protection/ Removes Negative Energy / Grounding Amethyst Calming/ Releasing Addictions/ Spiritual Healing
Rose Quartz Love, Emotional Healing, Connecting to the Divine
Tigers eye Balance Between Extremes, Strength, Fairness
Snowflake Obsidian Past Life Recall, Insight, Balance
Labradorite Transformation, Protection, Consciousness
Lapis Lazuli  Inner Vision, Royal Morality, Truthful Communication
Mookaite Jasper    Awareness, Healing, Connection to Mother Earth
Moonstone Nurturing, Fertility, Intuition


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