Collection: New Moon intention Necklace Session

Your invited to join us and set your intentions for the New Moon!

Rustic relics has so many stones and minerals from around the world and different ages. It makes a cool energy to be in for the New Moon. 

We will start with a New Moon tea, and 7 chakra cleansing through sound. Then we will each create our own intention necklace off intuition.  We will also explore further how crystals work, some new moon info and most of all have fun well meeting like minded people. Don't miss out on this exciting event and get your ticket today to save your spot.  

Tea: New Moon tea will assist you in setting the vibe for your New Moon goddess workings and brewed fresh by Baddie Babkins. You will also receive a teacup to take home. (Included in ticket Price)
Intention Necklace: Is something you will create by intuition, that will allow you to wear it into the new month. It will be created to provide you the right energy to create the energy you would like to have to accomplish your goals. Each Necklace includes: 1 16" or 18" Silver Chain, 1-3 crystal tumbles AAA Quality, Card.(Included in ticket Price)

Stones to choose from: 

Black Obsidian Psychic Protection/ Removes Negative Energy / Grounding Amethyst Calming/ Releasing Addictions/ Spiritual Healing
Rose Quartz Love, Emotional Healing, Connecting to the Divine
Tigers eye Balance Between Extremes, Strength, Fairness
Snowflake Obsidian Past Life Recall, Insight, Balance
Labradorite Transformation, Protection, Consciousness
Lapis Lazuli  Inner Vision, Royal Morality, Truthful Communication
Mookaite Jasper    Awareness, Healing, Connection to Mother Earth
Moonstone Nurturing, Fertility, Intuition

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